Surf’n time! (at Wyoming) Goodbye my babies! I’m leaving you for a new wrinkle of mountains this summer. See you next winter. Heeeeee! 🐑 (at The Wasatch) Penumbra. printeresting:

mind-bomb: made this during my ‘50’s godzilla marathon. 15 frames, my new high.

Infographics for Elbrus guidebook
Natasha Skulskaia

use less useless words
Beauteous day. Rad tour with the girls today. 💅 a beauteous view from Flagstaff Peak. anti-anti-anti-art:

Todd Robinson. Datebook from my last semester in school. In all my romanticizing about ‘the good ‘ole days’, I’d forgotten about all the anxiety and paralyzing fear and abusive whiskey drinking. Hey, the world didn’t end! Recollection is great that way! artofoverwhelm:

Jiminie Ha

Emily Ludwig Shaffer
InDesign makes me hungry. 🍜 mentaltimetraveller:

Damien Hirst, Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase