Matty’s first crag (the Dahgoba System)  (at New Hampshire) Kinda loyke a vacation. Hi boogs! Bath water! Creature. Peonies on my head and also in my drink. A truly stellar wedding in the desert. @procrasturbating  (at Boulder Mountain Lodge) Chanchi and I have returned to the motherland.  (at Capitol Reef) High octane. emptystorage:

2007-05-20 [Moscow] Scheme (by schemeone) tan-n-loose:

New print from Clay Hickson available now!
The Chase
2 Color Offset and Riso Printing
13” x 9”
Printed on Matte Cardstock
Edition of 100
Some high-quality letterpress snags from @themandatepress at @craftlakecity Morning babies! mcnallyperiodicals:

It’s been years since the beloved 'Sup graced us with a new issue (and apparently will indeed be some time before another official one). Until then we have this limited “special edition” mini-issue centered around the ‘Sup team’s music-festival-out-in-a-desert-oasis, DAY IN THE DESERT, gloriously designed by Richard Turley, “hand-spray-painted and individually poly-bagged”. Can’t say I know any of the bands, and barely much of the noise ‘n grace movement, but by the look of these pages, and the stories within, it appears to have been a spiritual enriching experience indeed. Oh crap.